This project uses includes a Blog system that uses Prismic CMS. You'll need a free account.

Setup Prismic CMS

  • In your Prismic account, create a new repository.
  • In your repository, create a repeatable custom type called Blog Posts with API ID "blogposts".
  • Configure the content model for Blog Posts
  • Add a bunch of content to the Blog Post. This is the data 11ty will use to build your site blog.
  • Find your API endpoint in your repository settings, you will need it when you're setting up your local project and Netlify deploy.

Set up a local project

  • After setting up Prismic CMS, Generate a new repo from this repository template which will copy this project into your own new repo.
  • Open the terminal, Clone your new repository with git clone <>,
  • Navigate to the newly created repo and, and run "npm install" to install all dependencies.
  • Rename the ".env.sample" file (located in the root directory) to ".env" and edit the file to add your Prismic repository API endpoint.
  • Run "npm run start" to start a development server or "npm run build" to build your site.